Obama Pledges Action On Iraq

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And the ‘Others’ are not wights (interesting thought and spelling, by the way). They are Darkness Personified. They abuse, whine, and destroy. They have no conscience that we would recognize. Their ‘values’ are different from those from which our civilization arose from. Oil and water cannot be mixed; neither can milk and vinegar. Being ‘fair’ only brings the destruction of our people; they cannot compete without favoritism in every field – these ‘Others’.

I laugh when I think about the history of our planet. What if Rome told the Mongols it wasn’t ‘fair’ to invade and sack their city? What if Joan of Arc said that it wasn’t ‘fair’ that the English were trying to take lands from her Mad King? What would Julius Caesar have said if the Gaulish chieftains had whined that he wasn’t being ‘fair’ to them? Your answer in every instance is correct.

What happened to us? What parasite has invaded the brains and wills of those whose ancestors created civilization as we used to know it? Winter is here. Act like it if you want to save yourself, your family, and your culture.Just my personal opinion.


Just asking…and showing what a lot of the world believes to be the difference between the two leaders.



Sing to the Choir, Grrrrrrl!!

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A home decor collage from November 2013
It’s true.  This is why I say what I damned well please. Because I am sick of ‘liberalism.’  They just cannot stay out of our lives, can they?  I wish they would get out of my life and yours too. Commie (Liberals) are fascist, totalitarian, anti-freedom monsters.

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south-africa-mandela-memorialHandler not happy to be ‘dissed’ by ‘dat Honky bitch’. No film at 11 – See below.


Later, the ‘pRes’ had a press conference about his Selfie-Translator difficulties. Click on the boy-king to hear his explanation.