UPDATE: Saint Louis (Ferguson) Grand Jury Will Meet On Friday For Final Presentation of Evidence – *Update* List of Cities For Days of Rage Protests…

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Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

update-1CNN is reporting the Saint Louis Prosecutor has informed the media the Saint Louis grand jury will meet on Friday for a final review and presentation of evidence. Following that presentation a decision of indictment (True Bill or No True Bill) will be announced.

Speculation of a weekend or Monday decision follows as a result of county officials previously stating a 48 hour head’s up will be provided to law enforcement and Government agencies.  (CNN STORY)

riot forecast 4

big mike 3Darren wilson grainy 3

update-1It has been announced by the FBI that various radical organizations are anticipated to take to the streets throughout the country and use the decision of Officer Wilson’s indictment, or lack thereof, to begin their carefully planned riots.

To that end we can now confirm a growing list of U.S. cities, and left-wing radical groups within those cities, planning for at least one, possibly several, days of rage.   This comes as a culmination…

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Was Roman Citizenship Based on Laws for “All of Humanity”?

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Originally posted on Foundations of The Twenty-First Century:

Was Roman Citizenship Based on Laws for “All of Humanity”?

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Corpus Juris Civilis

Corpus Juris Civilis

The claim that the Roman empire was a legally sanctioned multiracial state is another common trope used by cultural Marxists to create an image of the West as a civilization long working itself toward the creation of a universal race-mixed humanity. This is a lie to which patriots of Western Civ must not yield.

The majority of scholars agree that Rome’s greatest contribution to Western Civilization was the development of a formal-rational type of legal order characterized by the logical consistency of its laws, the precise classification of its different types of law,

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‘Citizen journalism at its finest!’ Meet Jonathan Gruber’s worst nightmare

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Originally posted on Twitchy:

If you weren’t familiar with Rich Weinstein’s name before, you will be now. There’s no doubt Jonathan Gruber is!

Weinstein, an independent investment analyst, is the intrepid citizen journalist behind those damning videos of Gruber:

Weinstein says losing his insurance got the investigative ball rolling:

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Vulgar/Racist Duncanville High School Teacher: ‘You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit’ !

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Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

High School Teacher, Ms. Vinita Hegwood, was suspended without pay earlier this week, after a series of racially charged broadcasts on social media went viral.  Ms. Hegwood has since deleted the tweets, but was facing termination at a meeting called by the Duncanville school board, which was scheduled for tomorrow, Friday morning.

vinita L Hegwood 2.1vinita L Hegwood 2.2

Ms. Hegwood released the following statement through the Texas American Federation of Teachers Union:

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Yeah…Or He’ll Sic Nancy ‘Losing Her Memory’ Pelosi and Harry ‘Reach Across the Aisle’ Reid on You

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193444_5_Or you could be ‘Grubered’. Nancy was…

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Some blacks are just not colored enough for NAACP

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Originally posted on Give Me Liberty:

This is from The Black Sphere.

The National Association For The Advancement Of Liberal Colored People is a bunch of racist delusional fools.


‘There are colored people, and then there are “colored” people, at least according to the NAACP.

This formerly amazing group founded by Republicans to do great things for black people is today little more than a black hate group.

And believe it or not, the people the NAACP hates the most are Conservative blacks.

Check out what former head of the NAACP discusses about the group essentially being a group that fights solely from Democrats!


The Election of 2014 was HISTORICAL, as I have documented. Tim Scott won the first state-wide race in South Carolina since Reconstruction, and lily white Utah is sending Mia Love to Congress.

You’d think a group founded by Republicans would celebrate the wins of these two “colored” people, however they did not. Instead…

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