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‘Absolute clusterf—.’ Did the CDC just get caught deleting embarrassing Ebola pages from its website? (Hint: yes)

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Originally posted on Twitchy:

Yesterday, this story in the New York Post was making the rounds among conservatives on Twitter. In a nutshell, the Post reported that information on the CDC’s website said that Ebola could be spread with a sneeze or a cough:

But not so fast. Now it seems the CDC has ratholed that which it once said was true but is now embarrassing. Via Sam Stein of the Huffington Post:

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No One Has Ever Accused Me of Being PC

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This said, it begs the question – what happened to the strength and the pride of our Caucasians? Oh deah, we conquered countries and people in the past – just as it has happened since the beginning of written history. It’s nothing new; it’s not rocket science. It happens. It will always happen. Period.

I know, I know, PC and ‘feelings’ and not wanting to offend anyone because we believe that if one follows the rules, one should be treated well in society. READ THE LAST PART OF THE SENTENCE AGAIN – ‘If one follows the rules’. Society is built on social rules – not ‘social justice’. There are those to whom social rules mean nothing. There are those who cannot understand abstract thought. They cannot understand the future tense. They live in the here and now. They laugh at atrocities; they only care about what they want RIGHT NOW. If they want what you have, they will take it. Plain. Simple. They don’t care. To make things ‘fair’, all sides must play by the same rules. Insight here, if you haven’t noticed, this is NOT happening. White people play by the rules and get screwed. QUIT being so ‘nice’.

We are a Tribe. You follow the Rules of the Tribe or you are cast out. It worked for centuries, it will work now – IF we enforce it. If it must come down to enforcing the social rules in your family, your block, your community, your town, your city, or your nation, it doesn’t matter. This is a war about the continuation of civilization. This is a war about sustaining the race that has given us all that we have that makes life pleasant.

Do you worry about a husband, a daughter, a son, or a wife when they leave the house? Is this acceptable? Do you want to live in a Third-World country where those who kill the most rule? Are you happy just going to work, paying nearly 50% of your paycheck in order for others to sit on their butts? Are you going to continue to fear leaving the house in the dark? IS. THIS. ACCEPTABLE?

We made civilization; we made nations. Now we sit on our asses and are happy just to rest for a few hours watching the television or looking at social media before going back to work to pay the rent/mortgage, taxes, buy the gas to go to work, and get enough just to survive. How much attention have you been paying attention to the securities markets? I spoke to a banker yesterday that put all his money in the money market because he sees what is about to happen. He’s not the only one. I WORK with banking and business news every day. I see what is getting ready to happen.

Is this what you really want? Why are you afraid? What more do you have to lose? I’m serious.

TELL me I’m wrong. I’ll laugh and insist that all inventions that originate with a race stays with that race and any other race who did not invent the concept – any other race that did nothing but add to the orignal concept – must set down said invention and only use the inventions and concept originating in their specific race. How hard is that? Disclaimer: False declarations of ‘inventions’ (e.g. peanut butter) must be proven beyond a doubt. Reusing another race’s inventions and declaring them one’s own is not allowed. Okay…go!

Fight NOW or accept your place.



Hi, I’m Kaci and I’ll Be Your Nurse

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AND, this is my favorite pic of the day:

Just Wondering…

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Street Harassment Video: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a White Woman Shows the Sh*t Nonwhite Men Pull


Originally posted on saboteur365:

Look closely at the males speaking to the attractive (Jewish?) woman who walked the streets of New York City as an experiment, while minding her own business.

They’re black and Hispanic. If there was a respectable looking white man in the bunch, I missed him. Yet, in the media it’s white men who are constantly demonized by feminists as harassers.

The bullsh*t that white men have to bear today is almost unbearable. I’m angry at the turd skin harassers and at the media and feminists for their lies about street chit chat.

Viking Bitch and other WN women bloggers have talked about the constant harassment they receive from nonwhite males. Well, here’s the proof.

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Just Some Inspring Battle Music as We Head Toward November 4th

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