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‘I’m amazed at how openly racist black Liberals have become, and how few non-blacks are willing to call them out on it. I was waiting to be interviewed on CNN the other night, and I was listening in advance of my appearance to an interview of a Missouri legislator said to Don Lemmon, “The way for Ferguson, Missouri to improve public relations is to have more black cops.”

Can you imagine the reaction if a city asked for more white cops? This call for “blackness” as an answer to what’s plaguing the black community is happening a lot, and quite frankly is disturbing. Pretty soon when we go to a store, black people will only be able to be helped by black people. Imagine a warped world where only somebody of your same COLOR could help you?!

“Colorization” seems to be the answer to all things for Liberals, and is most important to black Liberals. More black is supposed to be better. It never is!

For the life of me, I don’t understand why on Gore’s green Earth black people would want more black people controlling their lives…

Cities are replete with black folks in charge of other black folks: Black aldermen, black city councilmen, majority black school boards (maybe one token white), black mayors, and the real shot-callers known as the Congressional Black Caucus. 

Add to this a black president and a black attorney general, and you have a cornucopia of black power, all of which has led to devastation in the black community. And how is the life of Michael Brown celebrated in the black community? Looting.’

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‘They’ want black police, black politicians, and black store owners. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Let’s do this then. Blacks get to keep the cities, towns, and villages that are a majority black (all Caucasians must migrate to a Caucasian area).

Caucasians get to keep the cities, towns, villages, and states that are a majority Caucasian (we couldn’t give blacks an actual state because they are only around 14% of the entire US population – which begs the question: why the HELL do they think they really have a say-so in anything beyond 14% of ANYTHING?). All blacks must migrate to a majority black area.

Blacks get to keep twerking, rap, hip-hop, blunts, fire-ass lean, black-on-black crime, and the wastelands they have self-inflicted upon themselves. Unfortunately they will have to give up the government assistance programs they now enjoy because it is paid for the most part by taxing the majority Caucasian-employed of the United States. They can set up a ‘black-run/black-funded’ assistance program – if they can find the community-generated money to do so, and protest and riot against themselves if something has ‘gone wrong’.

Caucasians get to keep grocery stores, highway systems; permanent houses; computers; the software that drives the computer; formal education; police, EMS, and fire services; telecommunications; firearms; recorded music; motion pictures; television; video gaming systems; cameras; telephone/cell phone; electricity; modern plumbing; automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and bicycles; public transportation; airplanes; large permanent buildings; spacecraft and satellites; printing press and publishing industry; telescopes; shipping; eyeglasses, contact lenses, medical transplants and implants; kitchen and household appliances (including A/C and C/H); pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and preventative medicine; modern agricultural techniques; government jobs; postal and delivery services; and Caucasian social rules that ensure civilization.

There. Fixed. /sarc

14-0817-Huff-Post-Ear-Plugs‘The most poisonous “-ism” now infecting Ferguson, Missouri, is not virulent racism. It’s viral narcissism.

Over the past two weeks, the impoverished St. Louis County suburb has become a magnet for self-absorbed publicity seekers of all colors and agendas.

Perhaps the most repulsive species on display in Ferguson is the Journalisto Vanitatis.

This breed of egotistical East-Coast reporters can be easily identified by its ever-present appendages: a smartphone and smart glasses. For the J.V., the story is all about “me, me, me!” Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly and Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery were among the first and most prominent Beltway journos to parachute into the Ferguson protests.

Admiring media colleagues hang on the J.V.’s every tweet and selfie. When Reilly and Lowery were “arrested” (that is, detained briefly and released) amid the chaos, they morphed into civil rights heroes. Both complained indignantly about not being read their “Miranda rights.” Never mind that they were neither arrested nor interrogated, the two basic preconditions for Miranda warnings.’

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Michelle hits it out of the park once again!


“…there is one principle which pervades all the institutions of this country, and which must always operate as an obstacle to the granting of favors to new comers. This is a land, not of privileges, but of equal rights. Privileges are granted by European sovereigns to particular classes of individuals, for purposes of general policy; but the general impression here is that privileges granted to one denomination of people, can very seldom be discriminated from erosion of the rights of others.

Emigrants from Germany, therefore, or from elsewhere, coming here, are not to expect favors from the governments. They are to expect, if they choose to become citizens, equal rights with those of the natives of the country. They are to expect, if affluent, to possess the means of making their property productive, with moderation, and with safety;—if indigent, but industrious, honest and frugal, the means of obtaining easy and comfortable subsistence for themselves and their families.

They come to a life of independence, but to a life of labor—and, if they cannot accommodate themselves to the character, moral, political, and physical, of this country, with all its compensating balances of good and evil, the Atlantic is always open to them, to return to the land of their nativity and their fathers” - John Q Adams





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Breitbart catches on to the miniscule black turnout in Ferguson’s municipal elections.

According to an MSNBC report, local African-American leaders conceded that “blacks across the region simply haven’t participated in city elections.” They are right. According to a Washington Post analysis, an estimated 6% of blacks and 17% of whites turned out for the 2013 municipal elections in the township, which are held in spring in odd-numbered years. In contrast, during the 2012 presidential election, 54% of blacks and 55% of whites turned out in November.

In the 2011 mayoral election, Knowles was first elected with 46% of the vote. He got 695 votes, Pearce Neikirk received 459, and incumbent Steven Wegert received 338. The New York Times noted that Knowles even “noted his disappointment with the turnout – about 12 percent – in the most recent mayoral election during a City Council meeting in April.” Left-wing activists…

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Bear with us – and proceed with caution – as we give you breaking news and source out the information:

breaking Wilson - Justified

SOURCE -Radio Station via FaceBook Post

Additionally we know the Grand Jury is scheduled for tomorrow.   We also just found out the Missouri AG is on site tonight and tomorrow.

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